Poker Rebuys and Add-Ons

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Sometimes things don't always go your way during online poker tournaments and you start losing your chips a little quicker than you would like. This is where rebuys and add ons come into play. Here at 888poker, we offer a whole selection of rebuy tournament options so that if you do see your chip stack dwindling then you can either rebuy or add-on depending on what time it is in the tournament game.

Here, we will look at exactly how rebuy tournaments work and how you can benefit from 'Add-Ons' as the tournament progresses.

How Rebuys & Add-Ons Work

First, let's look at rebuys:



During a rebuy tournament, there will be several opportunities to spend your money on buying additional chips. During the first part of the tournament, this is known as the 'Rebuy' time. If you have lost a certain amount of chips early on, then this is the chance to get back on track again with more. However, you need to be aware that in most rebuy tournaments, you can only benefit from this if you have lost enough chips and have equal to or fewer chips than the 'Maximum Chips for Rebuy' amount. This number varies from tournament to tournament. Moreover, this is only available at a set period in the tournament which is indicated as the 'Available Time for Rebuy'.

Rebuying Chips - Simple Steps

It is very quick and easy to rebuy chips. Simply follow these easy steps:

  • Check the 'Maximum Chips for Rebuy' amount and make sure your stack is equal to or lower than this.
  • Click on 'Rebuy' and confirm the rebuy within 60 seconds.
  • Choose how much money and how many chips you want to rebuy.
  • Your money will then be moved to 'Money on Tables' from your 'Available Money' funds.
  • We will then process your request.
  • When approved, you will get a message of confirmation.

Remember, this needs to be completed before the end of the rebuy period.

The End of the Rebuy Period

The process doesn't take long - just a minute or two (usually in the first break). Once it is done, you will receive your additional chips and can keep on playing. However, it is important to make sure you finish the whole process before the period ends.


What is an Automatic Rebuy?

If you know you are going to be in the tournament for the long term, then you may want to consider automatic rebuy and add-on options:

Automatic Rebuy and Double Rebuy

Activation of this feature will mean that should you lose all of your chips in the tournament, then you will automatically trigger the rebuy option.

Automatic Rebuy Whenever Possible

If the number of chips in your stack drops below the 'Maximum Chips for Rebuy' amount then the rebuy option will automatically be triggered.



Add-ons are available later on in the tournament and are available for players who need more chips as the tournament progresses. The number of opportunities to add to your chip stack depends on the tournament in question.

How They Work

These are the periods of time that a player can buy more tournament chips if the time to rebuy has already passed.

If you see an Add-On button appear underneath the tournament name then you will know that the Add-On period has begun. Just as with rebuys, the process works in the same way and must be completed before the Add-On period finishes.

In many tournaments, you will automatically be given the option of adding on if you lose your chips during an 'Add-On' period.

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