Mystery Bounty

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Mystery Bounty tournaments add a dose of surprise and suspense to your game. Unlike regular bounty tournaments, with Mystery Bounty, the bounty amounts placed on your opponents’ heads are initially kept hidden. Once you’ve knocked them out, the bounty is revealed to the table as you collect your winnings!

To play Mystery Bounty tournaments in the mobile app, just click on the dedicated tile on the Home Screen. Playing on PC? Click on the left ‘Mystery Bounty’ tab in the main 888poker lobby.

Early Phase

The first part of the tournament, the ‘Early Phase’, is just like a regular tournament and there are no bounties… yet!

Final Phase

At a certain point, the ‘Final Phase’ kicks in and if you’ve made it this far, you’ll be in for a chance to take home an extra prize. This is where the Mystery Bounty comes into play! 

In the ‘Final Phase’, you’ll see a golden envelope on the heads of every player still at the table. Each envelope contains the hidden bounty you stand to win if you knock out that player.

Once you knock out an opponent, the envelope is opened, revealing the bounty you have won! 

Mystery Bounty Prizes

Generally, 50% of the tournament’s guaranteed prize pool goes into the Mystery Bounty prizes, while the rest goes into the tournament’s regular prize pool.

Our Mystery Bounty variant is conveniently located in the 888poker ‘Tournaments’ lobby.

Use the ‘type’ filter to see the full list of upcoming Mystery Bounty tournaments.

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