Knockout Tournaments

Knockout (KO) tournaments are basically MTT tournaments with an additional cash bounty on every player participating in the tournament. When a player eliminates an opponent, he wins the bounty as a cash prize!

Players do not need to pay an additional fee for their bounty; the KO bounty is incorporated into the Buy-in amount.

KO Elimination and Multi-way Pot

KO elimination- A player knocks out and wins the bounty on his opponent when he wins a hand where he has more chips than his opponent and his opponent is All-in.

If multiple players are involved in the pot when another player is eliminated, the player with the winning hand will win the bounty of the eliminated player only if they have the losing player covered. Otherwise the winner of the side pot will win the bounty. If two players or more have the same winning hand in a multi-way pot where a player is eliminated and they all have him covered, then the bounty will be divided evenly between them.

KO Winnings and Tournament Prizes

The KO bounty winnings will be issued to the player only once the tournament is completed. The winner of the tournament will receive his own bounty in addition to all other bounties collected during the tournament. Regular tournament prizes are awarded according to the pre-established prize pool structure, regardless of which players win KO bounties.

Progressive Knockout tournaments

Progressive knockout tournaments are a fun and exciting version of the regular knockout tournaments. Unlike regular knockout tournaments, in which the knockout bounty amount is fixed and does not change throughout the course of the tournament, in a progressive knockout tournament, a player's bounty increases as he progresses in the tournament. Each time a player knocks out another player, he receives a portion (usually 50%) of the eliminated player’s bounty to his bankroll and the other portion of the bounty is added to the bounty on his head, thus increasing his own bounty.

For example, a progressive knockout tournament with a buy-in of $11 could be broken down as follows: $5 allocated to the tournament’s prize-pool, $5 allocated to knockout bounty and $1 is tournament’s fee.

  • When the tournament starts, the bounty on all players’ head is equal and worth $5.
  • When player A eliminates player B – player A receives 50% of the knockout bounty of player B ($2.5) to his balance and increases the bounty on his own head by the remaining 50% ($2.5).
  • After the knockout, the knockout bounty on player A’s head is $7.5.

PKO tournaments are not available on iphone5 devices.

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