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At 888poker, we provide players of all skill levels with a professional and state-of-the-art tournament software platform. Our multi-table tournaments are unmatched with a wide range of buy-ins starting as low as 1 cent - and with guaranteed prize pools. We also offer customers cutting-edge games like our Progressive Knockouts (PKOs) and special tournament features, such as final table deals. Find all your favourite tournaments at 888poker!

The big shot

The Big Shot:

The main event of the day with the biggest prize pools.

The Rumble

The Rumble:

Daily PKO tournaments - knockout your opponents and claim as many bounties as you can.

The Dash

The Dash:

If you like it quick, these thrilling turbo tournaments are for you.

The Voyage

The Voyage:

Take your time and enjoy the experience as you play deepstack tournaments.

The Mayhem

The Mayhem:

Fast paced and action-packed 6-max tournaments.

The Classic

The Classic:

Freezeout with shorter late registration, play the “old skool” way.

Play a tournament that fits your schedule, budget and gives you a bigger chance of walking away with a prize. Qualify via our daily freerolls or buy in directly.

With all these chances to win, what are you waiting for?

You don’t have to be a pro to enjoy playing though. Our top-of-the-range tournament software provides a challenging, but well-balanced place for players of every skill level to enjoy a game.

We’re as passionate about poker as you are. Which is why we’ve pulled out all the stops to ‘up’ the fun, and give you loads of options.

Buy-ins start from as low as one cent, with guaranteed prize pools up for grabs.

Keep an eye out for special features too. You’ll love the progressive knockouts (PKOs) and final table deals – which help to turn the action up to eleven. See you at the tables.

Types of Online Poker Tournaments

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned hand, our Canadian online poker tournaments are simply made to play. With our wide range of tournament types, we’ve got you well and truly covered.

Sit & Go

Sit & Go

A Sit & Go tournament – or ‘SNG’ – is a really simple but oh-so effective way for you to start competing against others. They typically last 30 minutes to an hour and give you a chance to quickly get a basic understanding of your preferred strategy. With an SNG, you don’t have to wait for a set start time either. You just take your place at the table and wait for it to fill up. Once there are enough competitors, typically six or nine, you play until a winner gets crowned. With six players, you’ll usually compete to make the top two. With nine, it’s generally a race to make the top three!

MTTs (Multi-Table Tournaments)

MTTs (Multi-Table Tournaments)

Multi-Table Tournaments – or MTTs – offer a great way to play for big money, without putting up giant stakes. In fact, these epic contests often let you buy in for a relatively small amount, yet still boast massive prize pools for the winners – due to the sheer number of players taking part. Everyone buys in for the same price, players are shuffled around the tables as competitors bust out, and the competition continues until it reaches a dramatic ‘final table’, where the ultimate winner emerges. Typically, there are prize payouts for the top 10-15% of players. If you’ve ever dreamed of playing in the World Series of Poker, MTTs can give you a taste! Tournaments can go on for a number of hours and take place round the clock at 888poker, so there’s always likely to be a game to join.



Perhaps you want poker tournaments online that deliver intense, super-suspenseful, one-on-one showdowns? If that’s the case, it’s time you discovered the joys of Heads-Up games. In these contests, two players at a time face off against each other – with the victor progressing to take on winners from other tables, until an overall champion is found. As you can imagine, this provides edge-of-the-seat excitement, plus the chance to learn how to deal with all sorts of starting hands – as you attempt to ‘outwit’ numerous different players.



Satellites play an important role in the tournament scene at large. These are your chance to make a bid for the big time, by winning entry to much larger, higher buy-in events, starring some of the best players in the world. Many top players have earned their formidable reputations by starting out at such events, before going on to reach the likes of the World Series. Initial events may have a smaller field, with less-experienced opponents – so you’ll have the chance to make your way to poker’s ‘top table’ bit by bit.

How to Enter an Online Poker Tournament 

Ready to play? Here’s how to take part with 888poker:

  • Sign-up to the site – this is extremely simple and straightforward to do
  • Log in to your account and select either ‘Real Money’ or ‘Play Money’
  • Go to the left-hand menu and click the Tournaments tab
  • Choose your preferred game, category, buy-in, speed or type options along the top menu
  • Click the event, then hit ‘register’
  • Confirm the buy-in amount
  • Receive your confirmation and log in at the start time to take your seat, or wait at the table if it’s a Sit & Go

It’s possible to sort events by date, number of players, prize pool and status too. If you click on the list, it’ll display even more details on each tournament to the right of your screen.
Choose your favourite type of game – from classic Hold ‘Em to new, exciting variants like fast-paced SNAP and ultra-exhilarating BLAST.
You can also play on mobile using our extremely user-friendly app – with the added benefit of easy, one-handed play

5 Basic Poker Tournament Tips


Adjust your play as the tournament progresses

Want a really smart tip if you’re a beginner? Try the Tight-Aggressive – or TAG – strategy. This can make the most of your money, avoid unnecessary risks and help you fly under the radar, until you’re ready to go aggressive later in the game.


Bet smart as the game goes on

Got a strategy? That’s good. But don’t stick to it too rigidly. You have to be able to study the table and adjust the sizes of your bets to match the situation. Understand different types of bet – from big bets to ‘C’ bets – so you know how to adapt as you go.


Know when to push, or fold

When you’ve got ten big blinds left, you’ve got a choice to make. You don’t want to make it easy for your opponents, so many players feel like this is the moment to make an ‘all or nothing’ call – and either push-in or fold.


Have a tournament strategy

When you’re playing a poker tournament, you need to think of a strategy for the whole competition, not just the start of it. Don’t play the beginning, middle and late stages in the same way.
Read our guide to find out how to time your run to success.


Use aggressive play at the right times

Go hard or go home? Well…maybe. But go too hard too early and you might not get the desired result. Try and time your aggressive moves. When you ‘3bet’ or ‘come over the top’, for example, it needs to be warranted. Learn to spot the right moment to pounce.



Can you make money from playing poker tournaments online?

Absolutely. There are always cash prizes up for grabs when you play real money tournaments, so it is definitely possible to win money from them. However, there is an element of luck, and it takes time and practice to be able to compete for bigger stakes and at more experienced levels.

Do you have a welcome bonus for new players?

Yes, we offer a fantastic welcome bonus that’s designed to help you feel right at home with 888poker. When you first sign up with us, you’ll get chance to earn a 100% bonus, worth up to $400 on your first deposit. You can also pick up an $20 bonus when you register for an account. There’s no deposit needed for this one – it’s just our treat to you!

What are the best times to play poker online in Canada?

The great thing about playing tournaments online is that you can choose the time you want to play – as competitions are usually happening 24/7. Some tournaments might have specific start times though, so check the details when you register. Then you know exactly when to take your seat at the virtual table.

Are poker tournaments allowed in Canada?

It’s safe, secure and legal to play poker tournaments online, with reputable companies such as 888poker. We’re licensed and regulated to offer gaming services – and we also have a number of measures in place to protect your security and privacy while playing with us.

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