New Online Poker Tables at 888

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Brand New Look and Feel Redesign

All of our tables have been redesigned meaning players can enjoy better animation sequences, bigger cards and even 3D tables!


A Clearer Gaming Experience

We've enhanced our design to give you a much clearer and easier gaming experience. That means we've taken away all visual fuss and distractions so that you can fully focus on what really matters - the game of poker!


Simplified Buy-in and Rebuy Boxes

We have made your transition back to your game even smoother by allowing you to choose your preferred amount from set options in the Bey-in and Rebuy dialog boxes.


Bet slider Buttons

Now, in the 'settings' area you can personalise your bet slider buttons. You can reconfigure your own bet slider to show the exact values that suit you the most. This can be done in a few simple steps:

  • Open up 'settings'
  • Choose 'Bet Slider'.
  • Personalise your bet slider for a more personal player experience!

Change Table Felt Colour

Make the table look exactly how you want it to by choosing the color of the felt. Simply right-click on the table and choose your favorite hue!


Clearer Minimised Table Redesign

If you need to minimise your table, it will not only minimise but also declutter so that you only see the essential game elements. This means that the chat functions, casino button and avatars will no longer be visible. You only see exactly what you need!


Smarter Table Tiling

If you are playing more than one table and need to view them all at the same time, then they will now be tiled in a way that is easier to navigate. If you have 4 or fewer tables open then you will see them in regular mode. If there are more than 4 tables open then they will automatically be minimised.


Simplified Chat

You will now be able to find the chat feature at a more convenient location on your screen. By removing the stats and dealer messaging you can stay focused on the game by enjoying player chat in a much more simplified way.


Better Final Table Graphics

Making it to the final table in a multi-table tournament just got even better. We've redesigned the final table to create more drama with money stack graphics as you head down the final straight towards the finish line.


New Equity Display

You will now be able to see the equity displayed on the table whenever there is an all-in-all and call before the river... which will be even more dramatic when you're at the final table! However, you don't have to see it, you can simply head over to the 'Game Settings' tab and opt to guide the equity.


Updated Sit Out Menu

Now you can find all the sit out options displayed all together in one designated area. There is also a new icon bar that indicates your sit out status has been added. This will ensure you are fully aware when playing multi-table poker. Should you choose to sit out a tournament then this will be indicated by a red dot. If you are simply sitting out of a game then your middle icon will change from blue to white in color.


Cash Tables Rebuys

If you choose to activate an auto rebuy, then a red dot will appear on the rebuy icon which is located at the bottom right of the table screen.


Tournaments Rebuys

The tournament rebuy menu can be found when you click on the 'User Settings' window then by clicking on the 'Rebuy/Addon' tab on the far right. It can also be seen if you left-click on the re-buy icon on the table screen. If you right-click on the rebuy icon then you will automatically rebuy based on the configuration of the tournament.


Card Format

In order to change the card format you need to:

  • Click on the 'User Settings' window
  • Then click on the 'Table Layout' tab which is on the far left.
  • Here, you can choose whether your cards appear in a 'flat' or 'tilt' format.

View Table Full Screen

Players are now able to see their table in full-screen mode!


Player Notes

You can now open any notes you have made on the opposition by left-clicking on their name or avatar. This will stay open until you choose to close them. You can also carry any previous player notes over to our update 888poker software.

In addition, our new software version cleans up the tagging options - updating and removing tags including:

Old versionNew version
Light green (Tight bad)Green
Dark green (Tight good)Green
Light blue (Calling station)Light blue
Blue (Steamer)Blue
Yellow (Solid)Yellow
Orange (Overly aggressive)Orange
Ping (Maniac)Purple
Grey/Red (Rock)None

New ‘Throw’ Animation

If you're feeling particularly frustrated during a game, you can now even throw fun animated objects at another player by enabling this in the 'User Settings' screen. To do this:

  • Right-click on their name or avatar to open a menu of options
  • If you are an active player on a table then you can use the 'throw' animation feature.
  • You can use this once every 30 seconds.

Get Extra Decision Time with a TimeBank

We have added a time bank that gives you even more time to decide your move if your decision time has run out. To enable this:

  • Open the 'User Settings' window.
  • Click in 'Game Settings'.
  • Choose whether you would prefer the time bank to be activated manually or automatically.

If you choose manual, the time bank will be disabled and displayed in black. If you want to enable it you will need to click on the 'time bank icon.

If you choose automatic, then the time bank will be displayed in orange.


The Jackpot Table

You can find the 'Post Jackpot' check box in the jackpot tables drop-down hamburger menu, underneath the 'Auto muck hand'. Players will automatically be included in jackpot rounds which means that as you lay the game, you will automatically contribute to the pot - and are in with the chance of winning!

If you don't want to be included, then you will need to uncheck the 'Post Jackpot' checkbox manually. As soon as you uncheck it, you will not contribute to the jackpot anymore and you will not be eligible to win.

That's it! Get playing and enjoy! Please note:

*The updated 888poker tables are currently available only on PC and Mac computers.
**You can return to the old version of 888poker:

  • Open 'Settings'.
  • Open 'Game Settings'
  • Choose 'Go back to previous table design'
  • Click 'Save & Close'.
  • Reopen the software.
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