Lucia Navarro is now an 888poker ambassador after joining the team in November 2022. Originally hailing from Alicante, Spain, the professional poker player currently resides in Portugal. For as long as she can remember, Lucia has been a fan of card games – particularly poker. It wasn't long before she was playing cash games online and heading to her local casino in Alicante. There she played more cash games and dabbled in a few tournaments. In 2014, she won her first significant tournament, collecting a $22K score at a CNP888 Valencia Main Event for first place. It was her first taste of what it would be like to be a successful professional poker player. In 2015, Lucia moved to London to take advantage of the juicy live cash games at the Victoria Casino. After playing a few live tournaments on the side, she won one – taking home $9K after a three-way deal. After that, the wins kept on coming, starting with a repeat Main Event title at CNP888 Alicante in 2019 for $35K. She is the only woman on the Spanish national poker circuit to hold two prominent titles. Lucia cashed the WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas in 2022, finishing 241st for $47,000. Be sure to follow Lucia on her 888poker adventures on social media. She posts regularly on Instagram @lucia13navarro, and you can follow her on Twitter @lucia13navarro. Also, check out her latest YouTube vlogs and TikTok videos @lucia13navarro


Lucia Navarro Career Highlights

Year Event Name Place Prize
2022 2022 53rd Annual World Series of Poker Event #70: $10,000 MAIN EVENT No-Limit Hold'em World Championship - $10,000 buy-in 241st $46.800
2019 CNP888 Alicante, Spain 1st $35.000
2014 CNP888 Valencia, Spain 1st $22.000

5 Facts You Didn’t Know about Lucia…

Lucia’s favourite poker hand is K8 (suited) because she has got over so many bluffs with it.
She played for two years on her hometown football team when she was 15.
She has a YouTube channel that charts her poker journey.
She loves playing Padel.
Her favourite movie is Dumb and Dumber!
lucia navarro
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