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Online Tournament Tickets Rules

  1. Tournament Tickets (hereinafter: 'TrTs') are tickets with fixed values that are valid for scheduled tournaments and for S&Gs.
  2. TrTs will be valid only to selected tournaments with exact buy-in value, as per the sole discretion of the poker room.
  3. TrTs cannot be replaced with smaller face-value TrTs and cannot be used for smaller buy-ins than face value.
  4. Available tournaments pool for tickets is subject to changes by the poker room in its absolute discretion, without the need for notification.
  5. TrTs cannot be redeemed into cash.
  6. TrTs cannot be accumulated into bigger value tickets.
  7. TrTs cannot be transferred to another user.
  8. Each TrT has an expiration date that will be set according to the poker room's sole decision. Once a TrT has expired, the player will not be able to use it anymore and will have a zero value.
  9. TrTs granted as part of a promotion are only valid for tournaments as detailed in the promotion and must be used before the promotion ends and/or tournament ticket expiry date. If the promotion or TrT expiry dates are different, the earliest date will be applied.
  10. In the event a tournament is cancelled before it started, players that registered with TrTs will get the same TrT back, with the same attributes (i.e. expiration date and values will not change). In case the tournament started, the players will be compensated as if they had used cash to register to the tournament.
  11. Players that use a version of 888poker that is older than version 6.9 will not be able to use TrTs or participate in freerolls that require TrTs for entry. Download the new version here.
  12. Trts can be used to buy-in to specific tournaments but cannot be used to rebuy and/or add-on.
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