24/7 Freerolls Festival Promotion

The Promotion shall commence on 2022-07-01 and is an ongoing Promotion, currently without an end date, we will provide reasonable notice of when the Promotion is to come to an end (the “Promotion Period”). 

1. General

  1. This Promotion shall be open only to persons who are located in Ontario, Canada at the time of their participation in the Promotion. If any person participates in the Promotion while located outside Ontario, Canada, while under the age of 19 or while otherwise ineligible to engage in the gambling service included on www.888poker.ca (the “Site”), any prize, bonus and/or other benefit which such person has received and/or is eligible to receive under this Promotion and any winnings generated through the wagering of any of the aforesaid shall not be awarded to any such person and/or shall be forfeited by any such person.
  2. Participation in the Promotion is only available to registered players who: (i) maintain an account with the Website; and (ii) have deposited real money into their account with the Website prior or during the Promotion Period.
  3. We may cancel, modify or suspend the Promotion, and any of the bonuses or benefits offered hereunder, where required for security reasons, to comply with applicable law or regulation, due to abuse or otherwise where the promotion is not capable of being conducted as specified as a result of exceptional circumstances. Other than where necessary to prevent fraud or other similar unlawful behavior, any such cancellation, modification or suspension will not apply to you if you have already opted into the Promotion, made a deposit in expectation of receipt of a bonus or other benefits offered, and/or commenced taking part in the Promotion prior to the date of the communication of the cancellation, modification or suspension.
  4. Available to players aged 19 years of age or older who are otherwise eligible to engage in the gambling service included on the Site.
  5. If you have a pending message on the Website’s cashier regarding your recent gaming activity, we reserve the right to revoke your eligibility to participate and/or continue to participate in this Promotion. In such event, any bonus and/or other benefit which you have received and/or are eligible to receive under this Promotion, shall be forfeited by you.
  6. All times and dates are in EST.
  7. If you register or play in Ontario:

    You are agreeing to the terms and conditions of this promotion along with the “Ontario User Agreement” which includes, but is not limited to, the “Bonus Policy”.

    Your deposit balance (otherwise known as “Transaction Balance” in our Withdrawal Policy) is available for withdrawal at any time. General withdrawal terms apply, for further info see our Withdrawal Policy.

    Please note that with respect to withdrawals, some payment methods implement a maximum amount which may be withdrawn at any one time.

  8. In order to meet the applicable wagering requirement, no real money shall be deemed to contribute (in full or in part) to the wagering requirement, unless otherwise specified by us.
  9. Available funds will always be used before Restricted Funds (to include Money transferred) and the balance of both will be displayed in your My Account 
  10. All Bonus types (incl. Vouchers, their related winnings, and unclaimed Bonus funds) may be forfeited when making a withdrawal.
  11. Deposits made with Skrill and Neteller are not eligible for the offer.

2. Eligibility

You may only participate in the Promotion, if you (i) have registered with the Site, deposited real money in your Site's account and have made a real money bet of USD 1 or more prior to the start date of the Promotion Period; or (ii) make first real money deposit into your account with the Site after the start date of the Promotion Period.

3. The Promotion

  1. All bonuses and tournament ticket(s) granted under the Promotion (the “Promotion Prizes”), will be credited to your account within 72 hours of the necessary requirements being fulfilled.
  2. The Promotion freerolls (the “Promotion Freerolls”) will run daily at times determined at the sole discretion of the Site.
  3. Registration to the Promotion Freerolls shall be as follows:
    1. The Freebie Freerolls – no ticket is needed to register.
    2. The Funky Freerolls – registration is by a ticket, which may be obtained by a player through Gift Drops.
    3. The Fabulous Freerolls – registration is by a ticket, which may be obtained by a player through the Multiprize Wheel.
  4. All Gift Drops, Multiprize Wheel and tournament tickets terms apply.
  5. Gift Drops
    1. Gift Drops prizes are random prizes granted to random players at the discretion of the site.
    2. A player may win a Promotion Prize from the Gift Drops by playing in cash games and/or multi-table tournaments and/or BLAST and/or Snap (the “Games”), The Site may also choose at its discretion, that only Games of specific stakes will be able to receive Promotion Prizes under the Gift Drops at certain times. The site may also change the selection of games that are eligible to receive the Gift Drops, at its discretion.
    3. Odds vary between prizes.
    4. Available prizes are poker tournament tickets and bonuses.
    5. Prize values vary depending on gaming and deposit activity of player.
    6. Any Promotion Prize granted under the Gift Drops will be credited to the player’s account within 72 hours.
    7. Prizes granted under the Gift Drops are also subject to the terms and conditions set forth in Section 5.
  6. Multiprize Wheel
    1. The Multiprize Wheel is available to spin once the countdown on the timer ends. Each spin restarts the timer’s countdown to the player’s next spin.
    2. Odds vary between prizes.
    3. Prizes may change from time to time.
    4. Members are able spin the Multiprize Wheel through the PC downloadable version, Mobile downloadable version and Webapp version.
    5. Odds of winning vary between players depending on gaming and deposit activity
    6. In the rare case that the Multiprize Wheel and the ‘Congrats’ pop up message display two different prizes, the correct prize will be determined according to the ‘Congrats’ pop up message. In the event of any data discrepancies, the correct prize will always unequivocally be determined by 888poker’s records.
    7. Multiprize Wheel prizes will be granted within 72 hours of the win. Winning players will be notified via a promotional pop-up
    8. Players who choose not to receive casino or sport offers will not be granted the casino or sport bonuses respectively. In cases where such player spins the Multiprize Wheel and wins a casino or sport prize which s/he is not eligible to receive, the player will be granted an alternative prize as decided by 888poker.

4. Claim 

In addition, in order to receive a bonus granted by a claim email, you must respond to the claim email sent by 888poker, by clicking on the relevant link within such email within 7 days of 888poker sending the claim email to you. If you do not click the relevant link with such time frame, your right to receive the bonus shall automatically expire.

5. Below is the list of various prizes awarded from the promotion:

Casino FreePlay prize

  1. The FreePlay prize is available to use with one of the following games: Multi Hand Blackjack, European Roulette Pro, Millionaire Genie, Casino Reels, Jack’sPot, A Niare on Elm Street, Irish Riches and Treasure Fair. The maximum win per FreePlay is equal to the amount of FreePlay granted unless the player hits the jackpot. For example, if you have $20 FreePlay, your maximum possible win is $20.
  2. The FreePlay prize can only be used to play casino games and not poker games on the Site.
  3. FreePlay must be used within 14 days of being granted. Any unused free spins and FreePlay will be removed from the account thereafter.
  4. FreePlay winnings are granted only after the member has finished playing the entire FreePlay prize.
  5. FreePlay winnings may be withdrawn only after a player has accumulated 10 Bonus Points for every $1 of the received FreePlay prize amount by playing casino games via his/her poker account within 90 days.
  6. For casino games, one Bonus Point is awarded for every $10 wagered, as detailed in the Site’s Bonus Policy.
  7. Bonus may be used on selected games only, when playing Casino.

Bonus prize

  1. Immediate bonuses awarded during the Promotion may be withdrawn only after a player has accumulated 3 Bonus Points for every $1 of the received bonus amount within 30 days of being granted. Any unused bonus will be removed from the account thereafter.
  2. If you place a wager on casino games using an ‘immediate bonus” and win you will receive, depending on your account currency, up to a maximum of $500 in winnings. If your winnings exceed $500 you will only receive $500. Such limitation on your winnings shall not apply to verified progressive jackpot winnings derived from the free spins.
  3. Any winnings generated from bonus money, whether in whole or in part, shall be paid to the winning player as follows:(i)a payment to the player's real bankroll up to the bet amount that was funded from real money;(ii)a payment to the player's 'bonus wallet' up to the original bonus amount used to fund the bet or up to the amount that was in the player's 'bonus wallet' prior to funding the bet, whichever is greater; and (iii)a payment of remaining winnings to the player's real bankroll if associated with poker games or to the 'bonus wallet' if the general bonus was played in casino games.
  4. Wagering bonus granted under the Promotion on all casino games contributes towards the wagering requirement but certain games contribute greater amounts than others. The following is a list of contributions towards wagering requirements for each individual game type:

Wagering Contributions  


Game Category 

Game Contribution 

Video Slots & Slots, Scratch card, Keno, Race, Arcade, Dice and all other games that do not appear in the table 


Pai Gow Poker, Caribbean Poker, Triple Card Poker & Poker table games 


All versions of Blackjack, Live Blackjack, Hi-Lo, VideoPoker, Power Video Poker, Baccarat, Live Baccarat, Live Casino Hold'em, All versions of Roulette & Live Roulette 




  1. Examples:
    • o Wager $500 on Video Slots, the entire $500 (100%) contributes towards the wagering requirements.
    • o Wager $500 on Roulette, $50 (10%) contributes towards the wagering requirements.
  2. The bonus granted under the Promotion is valid for selected games only, when playing Casino.
  3. Cash bonuses awarded during the Promotion may be withdrawn immediately with no wagering requirements.

Sports Free Bet

  1. In order to receive their Free Bet prize, members must first log in to their sport account using their Site username and password, or by clicking on the 888sport button in the bottom right hand corner of the Site lobby.
  2. In order to receive the Free Bet, members who have never logged in to their sport account at the Site must login to their sports account on the same day that they won the Free Bet.
  3. Eligible members will be granted the Free Bet within 72 hours from the win.
  4. Sports betting through the Site is not available to members from the following countries: Jordan, Kuwait, Philippines, Poland, Thailand, Venezuela and Yemen.
  5. The Free Bet value is not included in any bet returns and expires after 7 days.
  6. The Free Bet cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash.
  7. The Free Bet must be used in its entirety. It cannot be used to place a succession of smaller bets and cannot be combined with real money stakes.
  8. The Free Bet can be redeemed on win Singles and ‘straight line’ Multiples but cannot be redeemed on each way bets or Permutations.
  9. This offer is intended for recreational members only.
  10. The Free Bet prize is limited to one bet per person, household, computer, email address or payment details per day.

Tournament ticket prize

  1. A Tournament ticket can’t be used by a player to re-buy chips or to add chips to his/her stack during a tournament.
  2. Tournament tickets may not be: (i) exchanged or converted into cash; (ii) joined together to create a higher value ticket; or (iii) transferred by a player to another player.
  3. Each Tournament ticket will be granted with an expiry date. If a Tournament ticket is granted as part of a promotion it will expire on the earlier of: (i) termination or expiration of such promotion or (ii) the expiry date of a Tournament ticket. Once a Tournament ticket has expired or the promotion has ended a player shall immediately forfeit such Tournament ticket.
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