Knock 'em out and reveal your cash prize

What is a mystery bounty tournament?


It's similar to other bounty tournaments, except that in a Mystery Bounty event, the bounty amount is random and no-one knows anyone's bounty until they are eliminated and their bounty envelope is opened to reveal the cash amount!

How does it work?


Mystery Bounty tournaments start out just like regular tournaments. However, once a tournament enters the Mystery Bounty stage, secret bounties are placed on players heads. These mystery bounty amounts are only revealed when a player is eliminated. You can potentially win massive cash prizes on just one knockout.

The best bit:


In our Mystery Bounty tournaments, you get more chances to win awesome cash prizes than ever before. You don't even need to finish in the money to win big. Just reach the Mystery Bounty stage, knock out an opponent from the game and you win their bounty. It's that simple!
We've got tons of special mystery bounty events at all buy-in levels for you to enjoy, every day.

Hunt some bounties today in the 
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