888poker Club - FAQs

1. What is the ‘888poker Club’?

Below is a table with how many points you’ll need to reach each new Level, along with the amount of Gold Tokens you’ll receive once each Level is completed.

For example: To complete Level 3 and receive 5 Gold Tokens, you’ll need to accumulate 25 points.

2. How do I join the 888poker Club?

Joining the 888poker Club is real easy. Simply place a real money bet for the first time and you’ll automatically become a member. And it’s FREE to join too. So there’s no reason not to become a member of the 888poker Club.

3. How does the 888poker Club work?

The 888poker Club is designed to maximize your online poker experience. Players compete in challenges for Club Points. The more points you collect, the higher the levels you climb. And every time a player reaches a new level, they receive a collection of Gold Tokens. Then, players redeem the tokens for exclusive prizes and cash rewards.

4. How do players accumulate 888poker Club Points?


Players can accumulate 888poker Club Points by taking part in Club Challenges. Some of the challenges let players collect points along the way. While in others, the points are collected once a challenge is complete.
For instance, players competing in our Hit the Tables Challenge accumulate points in-game as they play. While with our Be Active Challenge, the points are accumulated only once the challenge is complete.
And in some instances, points are granted within 72 hours of completing a Club Challenge. 
888poker Club members can view new challenges under the ‘Challenge’ subcategory of the My Account page.


5. How di I keep track of my 888poker Club Points?


To check how many points you’ve accumulated, head to the 888poker Club Page in your account and view your Points Progress Bar. You will also find out how many points you need to level up.
And to access the Club Page from the lobby, simply hit the 888poker Club button.


6. How do I move up through 888poker Club levels?

Players move levels by collecting 888poker Club Points. Each new level requires a certain amount of points to unlock. The more points players collect, the more levels are unlocked and the more prizes are on offer.

7. Will I ever have to drop down a level?

Players in the 888poker Club can only go up through the levels. Once a level is reached, you can’t drop down again.

8. How do I get hold of Gold Tokens?

You’ll get your hands on a bag of shiny Gold Tokens every time you level up. Different levels give you different amounts of tokens. The tokens appear instantly in your account, and you can trade them for cash prizes!

9. How do I exchange Gold Tokens?

Head to the 888poker Club Redeem Page or Online store to exchange your Gold Tokens. Players can pick from an exciting selection of bonuses, cash prizes and more.

10. Where are my Reward Points from the previous Rewards Program?

All Reward Points accumulated in our previous rewards program are safe. Their value will be transferred to our new 888poker Club rewards program and appear as Gold Tokens.

11. How do I join a Club Tournament?

Players are able to join different Club Tournaments each time they reach certain levels. The more you level up, the more cash prizes are on offer.

12. What doesn’t my progress appear in the Be Active challenge after I played it today?


The Be Active challenge rewards you with points when you play your favourite games over a certain number of consecutive days. If you’ve completed a ‘Be Active’ challenge today and levelled up, then your progress for the challenge will restart again tomorrow.
Don’t worry! We’ve got enough challenges to keep you rising through the levels. Head on over to your 888poker Club page to find what new challenges are available for you today. Earn more points and get bigger prizes!


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